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Scheduled Services

At Brooks Courier, we provide solutions to meet our customer’s requirements for timely and secured services. We can handle shipments of all sizes up to 10,000 pounds. We have a wide range of vehicles, automobiles, vans and up to 26 foot trucks. Whatever your needs, we can provide an immediate and effective solution.

Specialized Services

Our staff and drivers are trained to understand the special handling requirements, security and tracking of your shipments. These include pharmaceuticals, office supplies, financial institutions, hospitals, medical labs, parts distribution companies and various other businesses. We can help you with all of your delivery and storage needs.

Secure Services

Brooks Courier provides secured warehousing for inventory to help expedite the delivery process and manage inventory levels. In addition, we provide storage for documents and data records, as well as shredding of documents. When security and confidentiality matter most, you need Brooks.


We’ve been with the Brooks family for decades. They know our business needs, and have always been dependable. We don’t go anywhere without Brooks Courier.
— Regional COO

When we’re in a rush, Brooks Courier steps up to make things happen - above and beyond. They always make my job easier, what else could I ask for?
— Medical Division Manager


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